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About Us




Meet Dhaval. He has been working as a digital 3D artist on major blockbuster movies for the past nine years. Some of the titles he has worked on include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Logan and The Revenant. He sees his work as a bridge between the real world and a dream one where anything is possible. To him, working in gaming and movies has always been the goal. Since discovering his love for board games eight years ago, he has decided to commit his passion and skill set to developing tabletop games that challenge the mind and invoke wonder.


Nadav has been working in the visual effects industry since 2004. He started his career as a 3D character animator in the Toronto based visual effects company Soho VFX. There, his talent was much appreciated, and he quickly moved to a supervisory role in the company managing a team of 20 artists. Nadav’s passion for the visual arts began at a young age when he was first introduced to computer game cinematics; A love that over the years has granted him the opportunity to work on over 40 Hollywood feature film blockbusters including The Incredible Hulk, Avengers: Age of Ultron and the critically acclaimed Logan, among others. Merging his visual effects knowledge with his gaming passion, he believes he has a lot to offer to the tabletop game industry.


We are storytellers! We have been working in the film industry for more than two decades. During which we have contributed to many blockbuster films such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Deadpool 2 and Logan to name the few. During our more than 20 years combined experience in film industry, we have not only learned the vfx side of it but we have also learned quite a lot about filmmaking and storytelling. Films do a fantastic job of luring you into its world by telling a story about things as big as the universe to things as small as the ant on the ground.

We want to take the same level of quality and attention to details that a viewer has come to enjoy from the modern cinema and apply them to our games. Just like many films these days, our games will be filled with easter eggs and little stories that may tell you about its past or give you hints of the events of our future games.

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